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Happy Holidays

This tutorial was written by me, it is of my own design and idea. 

You will need a tube of choice. I using a special Bonus tube by Barbara Jensen. If you use this tube please make sure 

you are licensed to use it. You can get Barb's tubes HERE

Please do not email asking me for the tube and since this one is bonus tube I am not sure how long it will be around. 

I will not share them with you and put my license at risk.

The elements and papers came from my It's Christmas Time Kit which can be purchased here.

You will need 2 masks of your choice. I used Becky mask 026 and Zuzzanna mask 05.

You will also need a font of choice The font I am using is called GE Basalt Script. 

Please don't email asking for the fonts I use, I will not share them.

Let's open up all the supplies and your tube in your PSP.

1.   Open a 500 x 500 transparent image and flood fill with white. 

2.  Resize all your papers to fit your canvas, copy and paste as a new layer. 

3.  Arrange your papers to so that the one you want on the bottom is on the bottom and so forth, 

putting the one you want as your frame backdrop on the top.

4.   Apply your edge mask to the bottom paper layer, then your other mask to the layer above it. 

5.  Merge your mask layer groups as you do them. 

6.  Apply a drop shadow to each layer of your choice.

7.  Pick a frame that would fit your tube best or you can use the one I used. 

8.  Copy it and paste as a new layer above the top paper. 

9.  Use your magic wand tool and click inside the frame and expand. 

10. Invert selection, then go the paper layer and delete. 

11.  Now add a drop shadow to your frame.

12.  Now let's take your tube and copy and paste it as a new layer. 

13.  Add your drop shadow and duplicate. 

15.  Move the duplicate under the frame, then erase to make the tube look like it is coming out of the frame. 

16.  You may have to erase some on both tubes as I did.

17.  Now copy and paste the elements you chose to use or you can use the same ones I did, 

then paste all of them as a new layer, resize as needed. 

18.  Add your drop shadow to them and where you want them to be located on the tag.

19.  Now pick your font of choice and add whatever text you want and place in the upper left hand corner. 

20.  Now add your name to the bottom right hand corner. 

21.  Add a gradient glow and a drop shadow.

22.  Add your copyright information for the tube you used and your name or what ever 

you want your tag to say. 

23.  Add drop shadow to your name then save as a jpeg.

Congratulations on completing your tag. 

If you do my tut and enjoy it, I would love to see your results. 

They may end up being posted on the site with the tutorial as an example.