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Merry Christmas Forum Tag

This tutorial was written by me, it is of my own design and idea.
You will need a tube of choice. I used one by Elias Chatzoudis and if you would like to use it 

please make sure you are licensed to use it or you can go to HERE and get one. 

The tree you can get from HERE

You can use the effects in psp for everything except the animation of the tree and 

I used Alien Skin Xenofex Constellation for that. 

You will also need animation shop for the animation of the tag.

Open a 550 x 250 blank image.

 Open your tube and choose 2 colors, one for the background and one for the foreground. 

Set as a foreground-background gradient with a setting of 0 angle and 5 repeats. 

Fill your background layer. 

Make a new raster layer and go back to your gradient setting and click on the invert box. 

Flood fill your empty layer with that gradient. 

You should have 2 gradient layers now and they look the opposite of each other.

Create a new raster layer and select all, then modify, contract by 10 then invert. 

Flood fill the inverted section with a color of your choice that goes with your tube. 

Now add a drop shadow of choice.

Copy and paste your tube into the image and resize to fit in the image as you want it to look 

and add a drop shadow. 

Paste your tube again in the image and place the head shot as you would like it to be or as 

positioned in my tag above, then merge them (only the head shot tubes). 

Set your layer properties at 55 opacity and luminance.

Get the tree you got at the beginning and resize to fit the image. 

Move to the left and position the way you want it to look and mirror, then merge the tree layers. 

Duplicate until you have 3 tree layers. 

Click on the first tree layer and open the constellation plug in apply it using these settings....

star size - 1.98, 

Variation - 50, 

Edge Star Density - 50, 

Overall Star Density - 25, 

Overdrive - 50, 

Twinkle Amount - 75, 

Twinkle rotation - 45, 

tick keep original image.

Then use the same settings on the other 2 layers and click the random button for both layers.

It is time to put your wording on there now. 

I used Merry Christmas and the font was AR Decode at 48 pixels, then adjusted until I 

thought it looked good. 

I used to shades of the same color as a gradient from my tube. 

Add a gradient glow using drop shadow or gradient glow of your choice. 

Then add a drop shadow of choice. 

Add your name to the other side using the same settings as above. 

Add the copyright for the tube you used, please have the license for the tube you are using.

Now close off the 2nd gradient layer and the 2nd & 3rd tree layer, copy special, merged 

and paste into your animation program. 

Now back to psp and close of the 1st gradient layer and open the 2nd one. 

Close off the first tree layer and open the 2nd, copy merged and paste after the first frame in ani program. 

Repeat the same process for the 3rd tree layer, using the first gradient layer again. 

For the last frame of the animation use the second tree layer and the second background gradient. 

You should now have 4 layers in your ani program. 

Adjust the animation properties until you get the results you desire. 

Now you have a forum tag that you can use in any forum you are in. 

I would love to see your results from my tut and I hope you enjoyed it.