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Santa's List

This tutorial was written by me, it is of my own design and idea. 
Any resemblance to any other tut is purely coincedental. 

You will need a tube of choice. I used one by Barbara Jensen and if you use it please make sure you are 
licensed to use it. 

You can get her tubes HERE. Pin Up Package 6 with Layers 

You will need a little more than basic knowledge of PSP and AS for this tut. 

The supplies are no longer supplied as I don't have access to them anymore.

You will also need a font of choice. I used Good Vibrations, but any fancy script font will do.

Open a 550 x 575 blank image and flood fill with white. 

Open up all your supplies that you want to use, whether you use mine or your own.

Copy the scroll and paste as a new layer. Copy both name layers and paste as a new layer. 

You can create your own name layers if you would like instead of using mine. 

Position on your canvas anyway you want, but make sure it is easy for you to manage. 

This tag will get made around the scroll.

Resize the paper to fit your canvas, recolor if you want to match the tube. 

You can also use a color and mask if you prefer rather than the paper. 

Apply the mask I provided to the paper/color layer,delete the mask layer & merge.

Copy and paste the elements you want to use and place them on the canvas. 

You can look at my tag for placement if you want too. 

You want to take care that you don't cover up your text on the list, so it can be seen.

Copy and paste your tube, resize if necessary and sharpen if needed. 

Position it on the tag where you want it to be. 

Create a new raster layer and flood fill white. 

Apply the mask to this layer also, but invert it so it looks like a frame and merge.

This can be confusing so read carefully. 

You want the frame layer to be below your elements,but above your tube layer. 

This is going to make it look like your tube is coming out from the frame.(see mine)

Duplicate your tube and erase the part that covers the frame. 

This is to help hide the edge of your tube. 

Add your drop shadows of choice, copyright per artist tou and snag text or name.

Now it is time to animate your tag. 

Close off the naughty or nice layer which ever you want too. 

Copy merged and paste as a new animation. 

Go back to PSP and repeat but opening the other name layer and repeat copy  

and paste after the first frame. 

Now play and save.

Congratulations on completing your tag. 

If you do my tut and enjoy it, I would love to see your results. 

They may end up being posted on the site with the tutorial as an example.